About Me

In third grade, our writing workbook listed occasional assignments where we had to write a story based on the title on the top of the page.  Titles such as "If I Were the President" or "My Best Friend" or "I Got a New Puppy".  I thought that was so cool. I went home, got out a new notebook, and wrote a title on the top of each page. That was when I first discovered that I wanted to be a writer.

Where have I been for the past 40 years? Mostly working in the medical field and bumbling through raising two kids and lots of different pets (I am still waiting to own a goat). My earlier blogs will tell you about a lot of that boring stuff.

I hope to start moving forward with my writing, stop rambling and actually begin saying something. My life is not really so exciting, but that is just what I started writing about. Eventually, I will find my niche.

So, please check back often. In addition to this blog, I write a blog about my writing, writing what i can when i can. I even started a website. 

The really big deal was when I published book! Who knew that that would actually happen? "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven: One Woman's Trip to Africa - My Story" was my first book and is a memoir of my trip to Africa in 2006. Since then, I've published two devotionals and one novel. Maybe I can make this writing life work.