My Family

My husband mows my lawn, washes my dishes, cleans my house, feeds my cats, buys the Sunday paper and when he has read it, he pulls out only the sections that I read and hands them to me each Sunday evening as I sit in his chair typing on the lap top. His name is Jim, but most everyone calls him Himey, a variation on Jimmy in Spanish. He has no Spanish in his blood. To look at him, you would say he is mostly Irish. That is in looks only. His temper is even and he is incredibly patient. He rarely drinks alcohol. We've been married since 1997; he is my soul mate. A gift from God.

Nick, the son, the eldest child, earned his Eagle Scout in high school, was on the national honor society, was in band, was a favorite with teachers. College did not treat him so well, but he bucked up, earning a degree in engineering physics. His accomplishments in college actually are impressive. Co-founded a new student organization on campus - the Donut Run Club (certainly, a totally academic venture). Traveled to Ghana, twice, with Engineers Without Borders, was their treasurer. Traveled to Lexington, Mississippi, six times with Habitat for Humanity. Secured the speaking engagement of two of the stars from the show "Myth Busters", for a campus event.  Umm? I will add to that list as I remember other stuff (or he reminds me).
In March 2012, he finally secured his dream job. Now he really is an engineer, his goal pretty much ever since I can remember. He is living right now in the countryside in between Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and Rockford, Illinois. Sounds like it couldn't get any better than that, huh?

Val, the daughter, the youngest child, the strong-willed child.  When I was a child we called SWC's "naughty". When I was a teen-ager they became "difficult".  Aren't you glad we became politically correct? Val wasn't always naughty or difficult, though.  It is a challenge for me to find the right words to describe her. She is just Val and you have to know her to know what that means. Her compassion for others is deeper than Green Lake (the deepest inland natural lake in Wisconsin), her spirit is intense, her wisdom - umm - not so much.
She is currently working as a waitress and living about 40 miles away. She dreams of returning to Africa; she left a part of herself behind when she spent six months in Kenya as a volunteer. I have no doubt she return someday.