Here are some links to websites I visit. Check them out, if you are so inclined.  The first website I should list should be my own, that would be


Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., is the nonprofit organization that my daughter and I formed in 2013.

Compassion International   For years, I sponsored a little girl in India through Compassion. In the summer of 2013, I started sponsoring a little girl in Kenya. I have witnessed two of Compassion's projects when I was in Kenya, so I can attest that they totally do what they claim - rescuing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

HEART  This is the organization that I worked with while I was in Kenya. You should check them out and see the work that Vickie is continuing to do.

CSI Ministries - Kenya  This is the organization that Dave and Jen Bell are working with now in Kenya. They were our Team leaders when I went to Africa, and I know where their hearts are and that any money you donate is going directly to help the orphans they work with.

Kinship  If you want your time and money to help out kids closer to home, get involved with a group like Kinship, if they are in your community, or Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Spend just a few hours a week making a difference in the life of a kid; you may be the only positive adult role model that child has.

Life Promotions Life Promotions is the group that puts on Lifest. But Lifest is just the party at the end of their year, the rest of the time they are reaching out to youth across the country, instilling them with hope.

Cross Cultural Solutions This is the group that I went to Peru with in 2009. A great organization to get involved with if you don't want to go out on your own. They really take care of you when you are in a foreign country.

Writers I Personally Know and Admire

Cynthia Ruchti Cynthia was my workshop leader at the 2011 Green Lake Christian Writers Conference. I feel like such a failure as a writer because I cannot think of any words to describe her. If you ever get the chance to meet her you will know what I mean.  
Patti Lacy An absolute sweetheart

Sally Bair Sally was my roommate and mentor the first time I attended the Green Lake Christian Writers Conference. What a help she was.

Mary Pierce Mary is a stitch. I took her workshop and we laughed more than anything, but laughter is the cure for all ills.

Michelle Rayburn Besides writing, speaking, sewing, raising a young family, Michelle also sings, beautifully. She even writes her songs, such talent.

Marshall J. Cook  I couldn't find a website for Mr. Cook, but this interview gives you an idea of who he is. Only it doesn't tell you what a kind and caring Christian he is.


Bible gateway  Do you ever read my inspirational blog (and you do read them, right?) and wonder where I find some of those Bible verses? Go to this website and type in whatever you are looking for, and all the Bible verses that contain those words will come up. You can even change the edition of the Bible you are using.

My Publisher

Life Sentence Publishing I would be remiss if I did not list first and foremost the publisher who took me under their wing. Jeremiah has been absolutely wonderful to work with, patient, always available.

What I actually do for a living

Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants  When I say I have worked in health care the last twenty-plus years, it means I have been a medical assistant in a doctor's office most of that time. I have been on the committee which created this website, so thought I should show it off (even though I had very little to do with it).