Saturday, June 19, 2010

“More preparations”

When we returned back to HEART that afternoon, there were a lot of preparations to be taken care of. The following morning we were leaving at 6 am for our journey into the Bush, to the land at the end of the road, to a magical place called Mosiro.

Before we got there, however, there was packing to do. I hadn’t mentioned this before, but along with our clothes, comfort food and donated supplies, Val and I had packed a tent in one of our suitcases. We had to repack this now for the trip to Mosiro. Michelle and I would call this tent our bedroom for four nights while we lived in the middle of nowhere.

We also had to pack into our bus food for eating, supplies for the medical clinics we would be holding, and jugs of water, as there was no fresh water where we were going. In addition to the 15 original team members, four more American volunteers joined us. Kalea another teen-age girl, Terri, her husband Scott, and another man named Tomas. This made for a rather full bus. And it is going to get even fuller before we leave Nairobi.

But first, was our last supper. It was almost as if the staff at HEART was fattening us up for the slaughter, or more likely, because they knew this would be our last meal having any resemblance to our American diets. We had barbequed chicken and steak on the grill, baked potatoes, cooked carrots with peas, and one of Joyce’s always magnificent desserts. Instead of eating in the dining room, as usual, we even ate outside on the veranda. It was a beautiful night, and I don’t just mean the weather. There was a huge group of us outside eating that night; men, women and teenagers who had, it seemed, just met but all shared the common bond of a love for Kenya and her people.

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