Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mrs. Tuttle

During the month of December, one of the bloggers I follow shared daily some of the toys which she had as a youngster. I had some of the same dolls, same games and same books. It was a great flashback and I thought that someday I would get out the old toys and share them with you. Then I realized that I really don’t have many of those old toys left. Or I don’t know where I stored them.

This afternoon, while cleaning out the linen closet I came across this great find.

Her name is Mrs. Tuttle. Yes, she is a little ratty but at 46 plus years old, I think she is managing. The story as I remember it is that my sister Pat and I were spending the night in Wausau with our much older sister. Judy is 15 years older than me and was working at a bank and living in an apartment building which is long gone. She bought me and Pat each a stuffed animal. Mine was the turtle and Pat’s – well it really wasn’t a stuffed animal.

It was this hideous plastic snake. If you can picture a Hawaiian lei where the flowers are four inches in diameter but flat and green, white or yellow thick plastic, and when spread out this thing is five feet long, that is pretty close to what that thing looked like. Hideous.  I don’t remember what Pat named the snake, but it had many adventures with Mrs. Tuttle and our other stuffed friends, who I suppose I will now have to tell you about next time. 

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