Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dino Goes Camping

                Even though we have been home from our camping trip for over a week, Mom has not gotten around to sharing the trip with you - her faithful fans. She just got home from work (late again), and she already said, “I’m too tired to write tonight”.  So here I am. Dino, the wonder dog, stepping in to help Mom out.
                Plus I just want to show you pictures of me! And all the fun I had camping. 
 In my back pack, ready to go. 
 Love camping, not so crazy about the ride though
 Ah, finally, my first swim in the Big Lake.
 I'm saying, come on Dad throw the stick again!
 And because Dad loves me so much, he threw the stick again. 
 And again. 
 I could swim all day. 
 Ok, I may look tired, but I am still ready to go swimming again. 
 I don't know why Mom and Dad are looking that way. The lake is over there!
 Walking down the Pooch Path. 
Time to go home. That makes me very sad. But I guess as long as I can still spend time with Mom and Dad, no matter where we are, I am happy. 

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