Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Flying across many time zones always makes me think that, yes, time travel is possible. We left Michigan and flew to Amsterdam in eight hours, and yet 14 hours had actually passed by on my clock. If you got in plane after plane and just continued flying in one direction around the earth, couldn’t you end up at your point of departure before your arrival? (I don’t know what I just said, but I like it, so I am not going to change it.)

In any event, our original schedule gave us a two and a half hour layover in Amsterdam. However, because we left Detroit so late, our time was cut short. We had time to go to the bathroom, brush our teeth and walk to our gate.

I don’t recall much else about that airport. It seemed small and crowded, and not terribly organized. Even when I was waiting for a stall to open up in the restroom, no one seemed to be following the concept of a line. Everyone seemed to just mill about, hoping to be the first one to grab the next open stall, which were floor to ceiling claustrophobic cubicles. Good thing I didn’t have to spend much time in one. (The bathroom stories will continue when we get to Kenya, so you will want to keep coming back to read about them all.)

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