Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“Morning Devo”

As I believe I already said, every morning one of us was assigned to read a devotion at breakfast. Tuesday, our second day in Kenya, it was Carson’s turn. He was the youngest team member, at 14-years-old, but the tallest, thin and gangly. He said he wasn’t good at leading devotions, so he wrote a poem instead. The rest of us all looked at each, thinking, “give me a Bible passage any time over writing a poem”.

Carson did a great job. Here is his poem, used with permission.

Sometimes I wonder, God…

Where have you gone?

Are you here?

Or is this all wrong?

But when I keep on breathing,

And when singing a song…

I think to myself,

“No, this is not wrong.”

The God I know is one of love…

He sent His Son to forgive us all.

He created everything

Ugliness and all…

Even a place called Kenya.

Now Kenya is a place that is not yet tamed.

The spiders and snakes and the lions too…

Have a chance of eating you!

But once you get past this dire news,

And of God who is watching over you…

It doesn’t really matter whether you are beaten and battered,

Because God loves all and will use you for the better.

Sometimes we fall,

And sometimes we falter…

But God is always there praying for us.

I don’t know how He finds the time

To think of us and make things right…

I make mistakes nearly every day…

But thankfully God is there with a path headed the right way!

Now that you are bored

Of this short poem

I say we eat

So we can get goin’!

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