Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Now for something totally different"

Wednesday morning we headed back to the HEART compound in Nairobi, arriving home by mid-afternoon. We unpacked, threw clothes in the wash and took desperately needed showers. Thursday we unpacked the rest of the supplies, putting away everything we had dragged into the Bush. Some of us also took a ride with Dave to the other end of Nairobi to buy some tickets. And then we packed again, but this time for a much shorter trip. The tickets we had picked up were for a safari.

We left HEART at seven am Friday morning. The roads were the same as always - horrible. Instead of being packed into one bus, we split up into three vans for the ride to Masa Mara. And still one of those vans broke down along the way and one got a flat tire. This is driving in Kenya.

Also we took another couple along with us. It is the tradition for each HEART team to take a member of the HEART staff with on safari. Charles, one of the HEART drivers, and his wife Jane had never been on safari and had never seen the wildlife Kenya is known for. They were such a sweet couple; they left their two-year old home with grandma for the first time ever and they were expecting another baby in four or five months.

But enough about us. Here are just a few animals we saw.

punda milia


This was supposed to be an easy post, but there are just too many pictures to choose from.

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