Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Big Adventure

Well, finally, I get to write on my own blog. Momma names the thing after me and then never even lets me use it. She seems to think I can’t type with my big ol’ puppy paws. Duh, Mom, they don’t call me the wonder dog for nothin’.

So, since Mom is taking a break from telling her life stories (boring!), I got some internet time and here I am to tell you about my big adventure. Mom and Dad took me camping up north! They call it the U.P., but –hello – just call it up, like I can’t spell or something.

We stayed in this cool campground where there were 100 other dogs, and way more people than that. Or that’s what it seemed like coz some dog and their people were walking by our trailer like every five minutes. And Mom or Dad would tell me to be quiet. But it’s like, why can they say “hi” to everyone and I can’t?

Where we stayed they don’t let dogs on the beach. I don’t get why, but you know Mom and Dad – always having to follow the rules. But just a couple miles down the road there was a really cool park and we went to it every day. And I got to run in the water and get chased by waves. It was so awesome. I pretended the waves were a really big mean kitty. And I let them get as close to me as I could and then I ran back to shore. But the waves still always caught me and got me all wet. It was awesome.

We rode around in the truck a lot. I don’t know what Mom and Dad were so fascinated about, but they seemed to really like looking at the big lake. I’m kind of thinking, if I can’t play in it, I sure don’t want to just look at it.

Yesterday I met a few new friends. One girl had been in an accident and lost her leg, so her people got rid of her coz she couldn’t herd sheep anymore, so now she lives with this nice lady who gives mine tours. The nice lady said that I could go with on the mine tour, but Mom and Dad decided not to go. The lady also has a baby skunk, but Dad wouldn’t let me meet him.

We walked around outside the mine, and I met another new friend, but I don’t think she wanted to be friends with me. Momma said she was a goat and that she didn’t want to play with me coz she thought I wanted to hurt her babies. Her babies were about my size and I thought they would be great fun to play with. They seemed to want to check me out too, but you know how moms are.

We also took a couple walks in the woods every day. Mom and Dad seemed to be looking for something all the time. We would walk for a while and then we would have to turn around. Dad said it is because Mom’s back hurts so she can’t walk as far as she would like. Poor Mom, I wish I could make her feel better. Sometimes she acts so old.

I was very happy to finally be home today. I really liked the long trip, but I like it in my own backyard too. I can’t wait to sleep all day long tomorrow.

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