Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I hadn’t planned on that simple two day trip to Madison turning into a three day blog. But what’s a girl to do?

After the night of the tornado at home, we checked out of the Midway Hotel and headed to the Wisconsin state Capitol building. Himey had been there many times and was excited to give the kids and me a tour. He rattled off all kinds of facts, such as the building is three feet shorter than the United States Capitol building.

We wandered the halls of the fascinating building, sneaking into the chambers for the Senate and for the Assemby. In the Supreme Court we were in awe of the paintings on the walls, until a gentleman stopped us.

I thought, oh, nuts, he’s going to kick us out. I truly couldn’t believe that they just let us wander around.

“I’m Supreme Court Chief Justice Day. Do you have any questions?”

“Oh, no, I’ve been here quite a few times. My dad used to work here.” My boyfriend answered, nonchalantly chewing on a straw.

“Oh, really? Who is that?”

We were in our vacation shorts and tourist tank tops. It was too hot outside to care much what we looked like and the sweat was probably still evaporating from our foreheads. I am sure he was thinking, your dad must have been the janitor.

“Senator Lloyd Kincaid,” Himey answered without fanfare.

“Really? I remember Lloyd. He worked so hard for his constituents.”

“Why, yes he did.” I had only known Himey for a little over a year. At first it blew me away that his dad had been a state senator, but when I met him, he was just like any other guy.

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