Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Away From Home

I know that I told you a little about the volunteer house where we stayed in Kenya, but I thought I should fill you in on it a bit more.
I don’t know the whole story of the house’s evolution, but I know that it has only been operational a few months. The ground floor consists of the main living space, which doubles as dining room, kitchen, TV room, and even a meeting room during the day.

The window of this room overlooks this fine yard belonging to the neighbors, where roosters live and crow each morning by four AM. (Picture taken from the roof.)

Outside the front door, someone set up a dart board, where it seemed that someone was always throwing darts.

Nothing wrong with that, except that my bedroom window is right there, to the left of where the dart board sits. (When no one is playing, they bring it in the house.)

I showed you a picture of our bedroom already. Nothing fancy. Not very big, but big enough.

We even had an attached bathroom. Too bad the fixtures weren’t connected yet, but at least it was a space to store our toiletries.

The bathroom we used was on the other end of the house. The sink was in the large storage room next to the main living space. The bathroom itself was just the toilet and shower – all in one little space. (I pulled this picture off of Izzo’s Facebook page. I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures of my own.)

The cool place was the unfinished second floor.

And the coolest place was the roof – or at least the views from the roof.

Now you know a little of what my home away from home looked like and where Val is staying for another month and a half. 

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