Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In the Bubble

I know, it has been ten days since I returned from Lifest, I should move on, huh? But I really haven’t blogged about the festival at all. I have instead been in a down mood and fighting a migraine for nearly a week. Kind of not feeling so creative. Or social even.

A friend of mine who had been to Lifest with me a couple of times says that being there is like life in a bubble. Everything is safe, everyone shares your point of view, there is no stress. Life is easy at a place like that. You get to hear positive uplifting messages in word and song. During the three days we were there I don’t remember anybody having a bad attitude. I was probably the worst one, when I butted to the front of the line at the bathroom because several stalls had run out of toilet paper and I naturally had a supply in my backpack. The Christian thing would have been to share it with those who had been waiting longer. I am such a miserable sinner. Sigh.

Then we get home and life is one long series of bathroom stalls without toilet paper and I am not nearly as prepared as I thought I was. How can I supply the world with toilet paper when I am down to just a few sheets for myself.

(Has this analogy come to a useless end? Let me think a minute while you look at pictures.)
 Our little campsite in the Bubble. 
 The three girls who joined us in our Bubble at our campsite. 
 His Little Feet, a group of former orphans from around the world. I don't think they ever had the chance until now to live in the Bubble. 
Only God can make a Bubble this big, filled with this many people all singing His praises. 
I guess that even in the Bubble, manure will happen. And outside of the Bubble the Sun can still shine. It truly does depend on what you make of it. 

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