Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Vacation Day 2

Actually this is still Day 1 of our vacation, but since it is Day 2 of posting about it, I thought I would just go with it.

I have known about the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, for nearly as long as I have known about places like Pewaukee, Mequon and Brookfield. I really haven’t spent that much time in and around Milwaukee, but I still was raised with that German Wanderlust, so if I haven't been someplace, I have still seen it on a map. 

I obviously haven’t been to Waukesha, though, because I always pictured it as being an extension of Milwaukee, filled with skyscrapers, hectic traffic and questionable neighborhoods. I am so glad I was able to broaden my horizons and get over that stereotype.

First thing we discovered in Waukesha was this cute little park. Named after the Frame family, the space along the Fox River included a children’s park, formal flower garden, and outdoor amphitheater (which I already blogged about). We ate lunch here and then wondered about the grounds.

The caretaker of the formal garden (which was just barely past its peak) told us he had seen practically a swarm of hummingbird moths in the last few days. And that two were still hovering in that general direction, he told us, pointing. Sure enough, we found the huge moths. The size of a small hummingbird, they suck the nectar from the flowers with their long beaks – ok that’s not the right term – and their wings beat much slower. They are very cool.

Downtown Waukesha, there is a river walk with some interesting features. Can you read the sign about the granma bear? What a great story, huh?

After walking the three blocks down and back to the car, we had some gelato. And called it a day.

Oh, and to get back to the wanderlust thing and my German roots, this is the restaurant across from our hotel. No, we didn’t eat there. The price was way outside our budget.

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