Sunday, December 28, 2014

Post-Christmas Post

We all know what Mary and Joseph found in the manger on the first Christmas.
But what did I find this Christmas? 
In my woods, I found the perfect little Christmas tree. 
But I thought he looked perfect in the woods and wouldn't look so perfect in my living room. 
 In my living room, my husband had already put up and decorated the perfect Christmas tree. 
It maybe wouldn't be everyone's perfect tree, but it is perfect because it is in my very imperfect house. 
 Santa paid me a visit and brought me a treat. The only thing cuter than his treat is he himself. 
 I found a ridiculous amount of presents with my name on them. 
I may be spoiled, but I am blessed too. 
 Dino is spoiled too. But all he really wanted for Christmas was to be with his family, but he found this old bone in his toy box and that made him even happier.  
 And at the end of the day, when the sun had set, I found that the lights had come on like always.  
 I also found that I have a family who loves me as much as I love them. 
I pray you all were also blessed this Christmas and that you found what you were hoping for.
I pray you found Jesus in your heart. 
May God bless you in the coming year. 

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