Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our First and Foremost Goal

The vision my daughter had when she formed Tumaini Volunteers was to take groups of volunteers to Kenya to work on specific projects which would provide sustainability. We started our nonprofit organization two years ago, and though we had lots of thoughts in our heads, we knew that someone would have to return to Kenya to find our initial project. After doing what research we could from across the seas and talking via the latest technology with our contacts in Kenya, we decided to research the feasibility of raising chickens.
Southern Cross Academy at the IDP camp at Maai Mahiu was our target.
Our third full day that we were in Kenya earlier this month, Denise (my partner in crime – I mean, fellow volunteer) and I headed out to Maai Mahiu.
Because this is Kenya, there was no direct route. A reliable young man known as Madfish took us to Kikuyu via matatu.
There we met David, a project manager I guess you would say, who works directly with the IDP camp, as well as dealing with government officials. He was the only person we worked with who wore a suitcoat and tie, at least at the beginning of the day.
Entrusted to David’s care, we took a private car to look over a chicken production in Kikuyu. I felt bad for the chickens living their lives inside. I wanted a better life for our chickens at the school.
We were soon on our way, via a city bus, to Maai Mahiu. Then we walked. And walked some more.
Finally we made it to the school, Southern Cross Academy. I will write about that another time, but for more now I will tell you that I was pleased to see that they are already raising chickens. And that they got to have fresh air and sunshine. And a chicken’s favorite thing – ground to scratch on.
Currently, the eggs these chickens lay are being used at the school in the kids’ lunches.
The hope – and the plan of Tumaini Volunteers – is to step up chicken production and get enough birds to lay enough eggs to sell at Naivasha, the next largest city down the road. The cook at the school is already taking care of these chickens and she is ready to take on more responsibility.
It sounds like a good place for Tumaini Volunteers to start their first project. Check out our website or Facebook page for more information. 

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Mary Repinski said...

How very wonderful. Teaching how to raise the chickens helps in self growth, sense if accomplishment and the bonus, food to share! You all do wonderful work. God Bless you.