Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Food for Thought on this Election Day

Today is the primary election in Wisconsin. I can’t – and I won’t – talk politics here or tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for. Instead let’s look at a different presidential election.   

It began on August 21, 1858, in Washington Park in Ottawa, Illinois, when Stephen Douglas of the Democratic party debated a little known Republican lawyer named Abraham Lincoln for a Senate seat. The most heated topics of the day were slavery and state’s rights. Lincoln, as we all know, believed that slavery was wrong and that as a united nation, all states needed to stand together to abolish it. Douglas, on the other hand, believed that each state should be allowed to decide if slavery was right for them.
Lincoln lost the Senate seat to Douglas, but two years later he would win the presidential election. The Civil War broke out immediately afterward and we all know how it ended. Slavery was brought to an end.

No man has a right to own any other man. That was the basic premise on which this country was founded and it was upheld at the cost of many American lives, on both sides of the issue.

How would our country’s history have been different if it hadn’t been for Lincoln? If the northern states hadn’t prevailed in bringing an end to slavery? Are the issues any different in 2016? Aren’t our freedoms just as important now as they were in the 1800s?

Just food for thought. Now get out and vote. 

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