Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Snowy start and finish to vacation

 Last Friday, with heavy snow falling, we returned home from a one week’s vacation to north-central Illinois. I wasn’t expecting summer-like conditions, no sunning on the beach, but I thought that the weather would be bearable 320 miles south of here. I was wrong. We changed plans a bit, only spending two days outside all day, and doing a lot of driving and viewing from the car the rest of the time.

Our first full day there, Sunday, turned out to be the best weather wise. Though it started out at 40 degrees, the sun was out all day and it warmed to 70 degrees. Unfortunately, the constant wind blowing didn’t make it feel that warm.

We made a mad dash through as many parks as we could, knowing that the forecast for the rest of the week wasn’t very promising.

Morris City Park and Pool. 
 Gebhard Woods State Park in Morris.
 Mt Carmel Cemetery outside Morris 
 Illini State Park in Marseilles.  
Council Overhang at Starved Rock State Park  
Ottawa Canyon and Falls at Starved Rock State Park
 Kaskaskia Canyon and Falls at Starved Rock State Park.
Upper Dells at Matthiessen State Park  
Lower Dells at Matthiessen State Park  
Actually, with a total of 900 taken on this trip, I don't think this few pictures from each day is going to be enough. Do you want to see more at each place or should I zoom through the week and not bore you to death? 

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