Wednesday, June 14, 2017

First Camping Trip 2017

Hard to believe that it was almost a month ago that Hubby and I took our first camping trip of the season. Also hard to believe that it got down to 33 degrees outside both nights (probably hovered in the 40s in the camper!). The rains have continued since then. Hubby wanted to go in the early spring to see waterfalls when the water was high. Ha! At the rate the weather is going, his wish would still be granted.

We stayed at Bewabic State Park, just west of Crystal Falls Michigan. My sister Pat and I had camped there a few times in the early 1980s. At that time, we mostly wanted a site which was private and level for our tent. Now, with the popup camper, we need a larger site which is easy to get in to. Can’t get much easier than a site you can drive through. I think I could even park here by myself, but Hubby has serious doubts about that. 
 My side of the camper. 
 Hubby’s side. Ok, this was after spending a night and a day here, but my side was still as neat as when I set it up. 
 Bewabic sits on Fortune Lake. A little cold that weekend for anyone to go swimming except for the geese. 
  A few miles up the road is a roadside park with a well-marked trail to Canyon Falls on the Sturgeon River. 
 I want to post more pictures sometime, when I have scanned the pictures from those earlier trips. 
 Canyon Falls. Some day I’ll have to share a comical story about this spot from one of those earlier trips.  
 Powerhouse Falls on the Falls River just outside of L’Anse. I don’t clearly remember having been here before, but it was a little like Deja Vu.
 One of our other goals, besides seeing waterfalls at full power, was checking on our favorite campground, McLain State Park. There had been more erosion over the winter. Incredible the power of Lake Superior, huh? 
We’ll return to camp there again some time, but not this year. 

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