Friday, December 17, 2010


My daughter and me
Were planning a party of “C”
To serve things that start with that letter
There’d be chips, chocolate and cake
Carmel corn, cookies to bake
And much more to make it all better

So we made our guest list
And told them our wish
That they bring all things starting with “C”
When the day came around
Our friends brought what they’d found
All their “C” things to bring us all glee

My sister came last
Looking rather downcast
For she brought not a thing to the party
She said she had tried
But no food came to her mind
Only one word that started with “C”

She had been diagnosed
With what we all fear the most
The one “C” word we all hate to hear
But I said it’s OK
She came for the day
And her “C” word could be to bring cheer

Whether cookies or chips
Cancer, chemo or surgical clips
All are still gifts whether we feel hate or love
And when one gift we get
That we’d rather not met
We must put our trust in our Father above.

(Written October 26, 2001,
a little over two years after my sister, and best friend, died from uterine cancer.)

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