Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mom has been in a funk all week, so I thought somebody better put something on her blog or all her followers will forget her and then she will really be down. The first of the week she had something called a “my grain”. It doesn’t sound like it would be so bad, if you were a horse or goat. “My bacon” sounds better to me. But back to Mom.

Whatever this “my grain” was that she had, she pretty much didn’t do anything except crawl in bed when she was home for three days straight. Like usual, I tried to help by being sure to jump on the bed with her and sleep on her feet. They don’t call me the wonder dog for nothing.

She is feeling better now, except that she is still down in the dumps. I think she is worried a lot about Dad and my boy and my girl.

Christmas is coming and well, if you read this Mom, you don’t have to buy me anything this year. Don’t tell me that Santa got it for me. I know you do all the shopping for Santa. I know you buy all our presents so that Santa can get stuff for the little kids who really need toys from him, coz, well, little kids need toys.

Anyway, to all Mom’s loyal fans, here are pictures of the cats. They make Mom smile so I hope they make you smile too.

Betty and Fred - Betty has a really pretty face, but I couldn't get her to look at the camera, and Fred is just weird. He thinks he's Dad's cat and is a snob to everyone else.
Alice and Cheshire are the babies. Aren't they cute? Alice gets to stay in the house all the time, but the rest of them only come in for a few hours in the evening.

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