Monday, March 21, 2011

Clean Feet

We didn’t get to take an official family vacation in 2003, but I can’t just stay home all summer. I planned a three day get-away with my daughter Val to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And at the last minute invited my mom to go along.

Our first stop was the family-famous McLain State Park just past Houghton in the Keweenaw Peninsula. I know that I have written about this place before, and I will write about it again (already have our campsite reserved for this summer). The long sandy beach, the amazing sunrises and beautiful sunsets, all on that massive body of water known as Gitche Gumee. I just am so in love with it.

Check out this picture. Leading the sheltered life I do, I have never seen this sign anywhere else. Oh, they probably have a foot-washing station at all the big beaches. But here in the upper Midwest? Let me know if you’ve seen one before.

After Val’s feet were clean and dry, we visited the Laurium Manor Inn in Laurium. It is a cool big old house and a Bed and Breakfast, too. I keep thinking I should stay there some time with my husband, but now that I have him into camping with the dog, I don’t know if there is any going back.

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