Friday, March 25, 2011

O Kun De Kun Falls

Some days, I just rather give you a picture than write. When I do that, either I am just busy or lazy or feel that the picture just says more than the words, which is a terrible thing for an aspiring writer to say.

This is of O Kun De Kun Falls, taken in the summer of 2003, during a single-day drive to the UP and back. There are two places on Earth where I feel my sister Pat's soul totally and completely. This waterfalls and a certain magical place along Lake Superior.

When I'm at either of those places, I can hear her laughter as if she is right next to me. I see her dimpled cheeks and her clear blue eyes. She is relaxed and carefree and there is no such thing as cancer in either of our lives. We know nothing except the freedom of youth.

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