Monday, March 7, 2011

Crossing the Border

Our next full day in Arizona, Grandma and Grandpa C had planned a trip to Mexico. Back in 2003, you didn’t need a passport to cross the border, and it was much safer than it is now. It was a three hour drive from their home to Nogales, but we stopped at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument on the way.

You know how I love old houses. This house is really old, from the 15th century, and with my very limited Spanish, even I know its name means big house. It was big and also inaccessible due to its fragile condition. That also explains the huge canopy over it, to protect it from the elements. Luckily there were other ruins, from the same period, which we were allowed to walk through; otherwise the kids would have been bored silly.

Then it was on to Mexico, stopping at a Pizza Hut for lunch first, which didn’t make me very happy. Hello? Can I get some authentic Mexican food? Anyway, we parked the car in Nogales, Arizona, and walked across the border.

We didn’t do anything very exciting, just some shopping, which required haggling which I just hate doing. If I had to shop like that every day, for groceries and other necessities, I would never go shopping. Oh, that’s right I never shop for groceries now; my husband, bless his heart, does that.

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