Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Interview

This weekend, we have two house guests staying with us. One of the skills which all writers should develop is the ability to interview, so I thought that I would interview my two guests for my blog today.

Me: Welcome, Millie and Rat.

Millie: It is a pleasure to be here. We are having a great time and thank you so much for having us.

Rat: Humph.

Me: Rat, would you like to elaborate on that?

Rat: Some hospitality! Your dog assaulted me before Mom was even out of the driveway.

Millie: Dino was just establishing his alpha male dominance. He could see right away what a virile specimen you are and wanted to make sure you knew your place.

Me: I'm very sorry about that. I hope he didn't hurt you.

Millie: Just the poor baby's feelings.

Rat: Next time, I'll see to it that Marv stays here. He can teach that Dino a lesson.

Dino: That would hardly be fair. Marv is four times bigger than me. He bumped into me in the yard when your mom dropped you off, and he just about knocked me out.

Me: Marv is rather large. How do you two smaller dogs get along with a Rottweiler in your home?

Millie: Just fine. He knows who is in charge.

Me: Your master?

Millie: Oh, be serious. Everyone knows I am in charge in that household.

Me: OK. So, to change the subject, what are rat terriers known for?

Millie: For being wonderful loving loyal companions to their people.

Rat: Humph.

Me: Rat?

Rat: Everyone knows that rat terriers were bred to eradicate rats from people's homes.

Millie: That is right, Rat, and I noticed that there are several very large rats around this house. Would you like us to help you get rid of them?

Me: Umm, those are my cats, and I'd like to keep them if you don't mind.

Millie: Well, I don't see what purpose they serve, but if you insist, as long as you let me sleep in your bed again tonight.

Me: Sure. Anything else either of you would like to share?

Millie: Is it time for a treat?

Dino: Yeah, it's been like an hour since we ate anything.

Me: Dino, could you just once be a good host?

Dino: Yes, Mom.

Well, I think that wraps it up. I have to tend to the needs of these three and make sure the cats are still alive. Until next time.

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bobbus77 said...

very cute, awesome and well-done!
we want more interviews in the future