Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dreams or something else?

A group of toys are in the snow, huddled around a fire. “Might just as well go to bed and start dreaming about next year,” says one of the toys.

“I haven’t any dreams left to dream,” Suzy the doll sobs.

They start to turn to go, but they hear a sound. They pause. Is it a jingle bell?

They look to the heavens and see a faint light breaking through the thick clouds. The light grows until it is a red beacon.

“Why, it’s Santa!” the toys peal. “And Rudolph’s leading the way!”

Seriously, who doesn’t tear up when they hear those words! These toys are in utter despair. They have prayed to find children to love, but they have just about given up. And then, it isn’t just Santa who saves them, it is their friend and fellow misfit, Rudolph.

I am pretty confident that it never crossed the minds of the creators of this movie back in 1964, but I see some Bible parallels. Jesus came to Earth to live among us, feel our pain, live in shame and no one ever saw it coming that he would be the one to rescue us from the island of misfits.

I know, you are thinking, Chris that is craziness. And this really wasn't my plan for this blog, I was thinking all day that I wanted to write about hanging onto our dreams. But sometimes I gotta just type what comes out. Still something to think about though.

Enjoy the start of the Christmas season.

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