Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello, it's me!

Hello, it's me, Betty. I don't know what's up with Mom tonight. I can't tell if she is lazy or has a headache or is just bummed out about something. All of her four-legged kids know how important her blog is to her, though, so we thought we should write something. And since I have been the one cuddling up to her the most lately, the others elected me to post something. As if I have anything to say?

I was born in an old pig barn in Minnesota. Isn't that fascinating? But the pigs had been gone for at least ten years and miniature horses live there now, so at least it didn't smell TOO bad. My Minnesota mom gave me and my brother Barney to my adopted mom. Unfortunately, Val lost Barney but that is a long story. And sad, coz Val cried alot, but Mom was almost like - he was just a cat. Really? Would she say that about me? I think she just wanted Val to feel better.

Anyway, so I am currently the "middle child" in the house. Fred and Dino are older and Ches and Alice are the babies. And I don't even want to count Brewster. He is supposed to just be a guest, but we all have this sinking feeling that he is never going home.

Oh, oh, Mom seems to be rousing and it's getting late, which means she is going to start rounding up me, Ches and Fred. It is pretty funny at this time of night. Mom and Dad stalk us and herd us and do all kinds of weird things to catch us and put us out for the night. Mom keeps saying that she's going to blog about that, but she needs pictures first - coz you know how she is about pictures on her blog - and we just can never get together for a picture. Mom's so funny.


Susan Marlene Kinney said...

What a beautiful kitty cat! Zoe 'talks' on my blog now and again. She is our fiesty, and she KNOWS she is beautiful cat. She is full of wisdom and she reads the word. Okay...she is read the word but she is an autible learner. :) Fun Blog Chris!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Betty is my prettiest cat - she has a tuft of hair that sticks up in the middle of her head, so we call her uni-kitty. All my cats have such different personalities though; it makes it easy to write about them.