Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Amigas

“Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.” Today was rather a stone. And on days like this only a good friend can get you through.

I’ve been writing the last week or two about the people I have thanked in the acknowledgement section of my book. Tonight I show my appreciation to three women, each very different and each offering something totally different as far as friendship and support. Looking back, I see that I have told you about two of them.

Phyllis has been a dear friend for close to twenty years. A lot of people still are friends with someone from college, but Phyllis was my sister’s friend from college. Strange how we have been drawn into each other’s lives. Especially since she lives 275 miles away. But distance can’t keep a good friendship down.

Denise also lives a few miles away and I also only see her a few times a year. But again, friendship is about so much more than minutes and miles. Denise was one of my first blog supporters and she has had no qualms about telling others about it. She believes in me, and even if we don’t always agree, we always come back for more.

Finally, let me introduce you to Doris. I referred to her in my last post; she is one of the founding members of our Tuesday morning Bible Study. I’ve worked with her for twelve years, lots of ups and downs. Lots of co-workers have come and gone in that time. Sometimes I want to cling to Doris as the only certainty at my place of employment. But then she would remind me that there is only one Person to cling to. And I would turn around and tell her the same thing. On days like today, when not much seems to make sense, Doris, turn it over to God, cling to Him as the one sure thing.
Believe it or not, ladies, as I write this, the book that you each inspired in your own way is sitting next to me, taunting me. Waiting for me to call up my publisher to give the all-clear to release the book. I can’t wait for you each to have your own copy.  


Denise said...

I again mentioned it at the Valley Chapter meeting. I also will be sharing it with 2 co-workers. Whoo hoo you are a published author. I hope this is the first of many my friend.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

See what I mean, Denise, you are my greatest supporter! Thanks so much for believing in me.