Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just "ducking" out of the spotlight

I did my interview for my book on WJFW, our local TV station, this morning. I kind of figured I wouldn't be in any shape to write coherently after that, so here are pictures of my most recent dumb hobby. No, I don't collect ducks, I just collect their pictures. 
 Sitting Duck
 Lame Duck
 Viking Ducks or maybe Duckings 
 Monkey Duck
 Biker Duck
 Lucky Duck
 A little bit of everything Ducks
Then, holy waterfowl, there are over 400 ducks on this table. Where to even start? Oh, that's right, I was helping set up a fundraiser for Kinship Friday night and we had the ducks all lined up to purchase for the chuck-a-duck. You mean, I can't take any of them home? 
I guess that is why I don't collect ducks, only pictures of ducks. 

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