Sunday, May 26, 2013

Convoluted Plans

After much procrastination, ta-da, here I am blogging again. Ready to tell you every last detail of my recent trip to Kenya. Ok, maybe you don’t want to hear about everything (i.e. diarrhea, lack of toilet paper, etc.), but you know how I am. I just can’t spare you the gruesome adventures of my life.
I was going to jump right in and take you straight to Africa. But since I didn’t go straight to Africa, you don’t get to either.
When my daughter and I started planning this trip to Kenya, we threw around several different dates. Somehow we came up with the first part of May as the time to depart, which would give Val until the end of July if she was really going to stay for three months.
The problem with leaving the first part of May was that I had promised my Kinship kid that I would take her to a Colton Dixon concert in Milwaukee the first Friday in May.
Hmm? I thought. How could I best make this work out? My son lives near Milwaukee, which is near Chicago. If we flew out of Chicago we could get the cheapest flights.
I came up with the craziest trip itinerary. I mean, when you leave for a two-week trip to a third-world country, don’t you want to leave the comfort of your home and get to your destination by the shortest means?
Oh, heavens, no, not me.
So, I left home around noon on Friday, May3, picked up my Kinship kid and drove to a suburb of Milwaukee. Checked into our hotel and went to the concert.
The next morning, I drove my kid part-way home, where my husband met me for the exchange. He had brought down Val and her suitcase. He picked up the Kid and took her home, while Val and I drove back to Milwaukee.
I spent Saturday night at the apartment of one of my son’s friends. I know. Is this complicated? Typical weekend in my life.
My son took us to the airport in Chicago the next morning. And our plane left at 4:10 pm. Next stop – Amsterdam.
 Since this wasn't a one-trip trip, you'll notice the green overnight bag. Also, the white paper bag and the red and white rope which were going to my son's house. The dog thinks he is going with. Last thing to note - the piece of paper taped on the door right behind me says, "PASSPORT". The one thing I absolutely positively must not forget. 
 Colton Dixon. Was I ever 14-years-old and in love with a pop star? No, I was not. 
 Just one more picture of Colton to appease the Kid.
Ok, so now it's finally time to go to the airport.