Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Greetings from Kenya

I didn't know if I would be able to post a blog at all while we were in Kenya. I have internet for just a few minutes, so my thoughts are not together. I would also like to post lots of pictures, but you will have to patiently wait until we get home.
This picture is of my daughter and I, showing off our sunburns. We were staying with a friend who lives in Saikeri, which is in the middle of nowhere and when I post the story of the trip there and back again, you will not believe it!

We are having a great time. Monday and Tuesday this week I worked at the medical clinic in Saikeri. No water or electricity. Can you imagine that in your doctor's office?

Gosh, what else, today we made up backpacks for 76 kids at an orphanage. Last week we visited the IDP camp, our friends from America who are fulltime missionaries here and I can't remember what else we did.

I don't want to leave, but can't wait to share all of my stories and pictures with you when I get home.


Mary Repinski said...

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing of your works. Your are a blessings to those who know you and share a piece of your life.
God's Blessings
Joyce R.

Jeremiah Zeiset said...

Hey Christine! It's great hearing from you. My wife and I are praying for you, and trusting you'll have a safe, enjoyable, and Christ-glorifying rest of your trip! Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get back...

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Chris! You have boldly gone where I have not gone before!! May God protect and keep you and all those traveling with you! May God's blessings and peace and grace and joy be yours in the Holy Ghost! :) Love ya Chris! :)