Friday, February 6, 2015

Us Goofy Lutheran Ladies

The Lutheran Ladies are sassy, have strong-spined opinions, and have stepped out of your office, your kid's soccer club, or your church to live on these pages. They deal with change--sometimes poorly--but with humor and heartache, they're on life's journey.

In Book One: Plucking One String, Vera Henley has pulled the strings of the Lutheran Ladies Circle for years; now everything has unraveled. Traditions are changing, even the annual rummage sale can't escape modernization. And the independent Circle women are cheering the changes--all except for Vera. Her humorous efforts to stop time are often heart-breaking. And when her high-maintenance, crazy aunt introduces even more rebellion and upheaval, Vera is forced to pick through the chaos and choose: Which threads of change should she pluck--and which should she let go?

When I discovered this ebook for free on, I had to get it. It sounded so familiar. The outside world imagines that not only the Lutheran Ladies, but all church ladies are saints - sewing clothes for third world children, cooking once a week at the soup kitchen, being the first to volunteer for the winter outerwear drive, and certainly never thinking – much less saying – a cross thing to another soul. Well, welcome to the real world. All of us church ladies are sinners like everyone else. We cop attitudes, we can be slobs, we don’t volunteer at every opportunity. We are human, but we continue to serve Jello salad at every occasion and we will attend all the major church functions.

The true joy of reading this book for me was that a few years ago a group of women from my own church decided to start our own women’s group. Our thought was that all the older women in their own women’s groups were getting older and someday the next generation was going to have to take over. So there we are – getting ourselves in way over our heads, coming up with more ideas than we can possibly ever bring to fruition, but maybe, hopefully, there will be a generation to follow us.

My words of advice? Get involved, where ever you are, and don’t be afraid to speak up. All things can be changed. 

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