Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Can You Give Up?

I have done this other years, even though I am not Catholic. Maybe I continue it in tribute to all my friends from high school, who year after year, moaned about the torture they had to endure during this season.

Yes, today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The first day of 40 days (which is actually 46 days but they don’t count Sundays) of reverence and reflection. During Lent, all of my Catholic friends had to give something up (in addition to giving up meat on Fridays). If they were feeling particularly sovereign, they would actually give up something that meant something to them, such as drinking soda or going to the movie (I grew up in a simpler time). More often, they would give up something that really wasn’t painful at all, such as eating oatmeal or talking in class. 

But I started out talking about me and what I was going to give up this year. That would be chocolate. Then right away, just like my Catholic friends who said that they could give up giving up something on Sundays, I started making my own rules as to what really constitutes chocolate. Isn’t there a verse in the Bible about me being weak and God being strong?

Then yesterday, I found this website on someone’s Facebook page. What really should we give up for Lent? A food product or a bad habit? How about doing something that really changes your life for the following six weeks? And we find ourselves carrying over into the entire year?

Well, I read the list over. It does look harder than giving up chocolate. It is early in the day, though, as I write this; I will figure it out. 
For example, just how much chocolate is in this bunny anyway? Coz I just can't count white chocolate as chocolate. 

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