Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - just venting again

Photo taken from the website posting this article. 
I wasn’t going to do Wildlife Wednesday, because I was afraid you would get tired of me constantly being on my soapbox, but when I saw this article on-line this morning, I knew I had to jump on that soapbox again.

Can you believe it? In whose world is it ever okay to hunt an endangered animal? What is wrong with these people? Or am I misreading this? Does it really say they are considering making it legal to trade rhino horns?

I kind of get what they are thinking. Same as making marijuana legal in this country – that then there is control over what’s going on. You can regulate it, tax it, put limits on how much is available, someone besides the criminals is making money. Ok, maybe that will work with a plant that people can grow, but an animal?

According to the World Wildlife Fund there are just over 4,800 wild black rhinos in Africa, putting their status as “critically endangered”. Estimates are that there are 20,000 white rhinos, so they are only considered “near threatened”.

Near threatened? That is the list that the Monarch butterfly and the Albacore Tuna are on, if that puts it in perspective for you. I really did not think that the white rhino was doing that well. I think that if there were 20,000 human beings left on the planet, they would all be in a bit of a panic. I don’t know. It would probably be a good thing if the human population got that low. I bet then the black rhino population would surge.

 Just venting again. 
Absolutely beautiful animals. And don't you want to take that baby home?
Picture from the WWF website. 

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Denise said...

You can vent all you want, its your blog and I thank you for venting.

I have always thought if people would only think about how they could turn their national treasures & inviting foreigners into their world to see these treasures would that be wonderful. Whether it be historical sites, amazing animals or just the pure beauty of their country how awesome that would be.