Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Safe Place

The day before we left Kenya to return home, we took yet another different kind of tour. Denise, I, and another volunteer from our volunteer house visited a women’s shelter.

Though they call it a women’s shelter, it actually is a safe haven for girls ages 8 to 20. Many of them are orphans. Many of the girls have been abused or exploited, and some of them came to the shelter pregnant and have since delivered their babies, raising them in the secure environment of the shelter. Some have parents but have run away and cannot return home. Because of all of these reasons, there are no pictures of the girls here or any details of where their haven is. Those who have aided in making their lives miserable have been known to try to find them. 
But like I said, it is a haven for these young ladies, a place where they can get an education and learn skills which will help them survive once they are back out in the harsh world. 
Two dairy cows provide milk. 
And chickens provide eggs. 
A garden supplies the shelter with vegetables. 
The living room is a place to relax in the evening and learn what it is like to be a kid again. 
The grounds surrounding this safe house are beautiful, right down to the over six foot tall poinsettia plant. A reminder that Christmas is always just around the corner. 


Denise said...

A wonderful place to call home. Hopefully the girls will blossom as beautifully as the Poinsettia. Don't forget the greenhouse Izzo and the volunteers built the week before.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

There were a lot more pictures than the greenhouse that I decided not to post. I have to rein myself in a lot of the time. I will try to get them all on Facebook though.