Sunday, November 22, 2015

Have I Inspired Anyone?

Somehow I lost all of my Sunday devotions from the last year. Actually, they aren’t lost; I somehow deleted them. When I left for Kenya, I deleted most of my files off of my laptop so that there would be enough memory to hold all the pictures I was going to take. I thought my devotions were saved on that jump drive which was clearly marked “devotional blogs”, but I hadn’t updated that jump drive since August 2014. How is that even possible?

I got a little frustrated, but quickly remembered that all of those posts were on my blog, on the internet, where they say things will stay forever, or at least until they replace the internet with a newer technology (microchips in our brains?).

When I realized all that inspiration was at my fingertips, a light bulb went on in my head. I could copy them back into my computer. Luckily I quickly came to my senses. I am not copying them anywhere. Let the hackers and the thieves do that.

Maybe I’m being irresponsible, turning my written thoughts loose like that. Maybe someone will steal them, then shut down my blog site, then compile a book under their own name and sell many copies and get their own TV show. And some day I will run across that show while I am channel-surfing and I will think I am losing my mind because I can swear I have seen somewhere those words they are speaking. Coz, yea, sure that will happen.

Thanksgiving is a few days away and I want to thank God right now for giving me the inspirational words that I have shared here. And if anyone feels compelled to share those words with others, in any form, I would only ask that if I don’t get the credit, that God does. After all they were His words and not mine.  

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