Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tumaini Tuesday - need a big cat print?

Tumaini Volunteers met on Saturday for a productive meeting. We have four people (including repeat travelers Val and Denise) who are ready to make the trip back to Kenya next spring. My son Nick has been wanting to go and I think we have finally convinced him that he needs to do this. He went to Ghana Africa twice with Engineers Without Borders while he was in college, so he knows what a trip like this will entail. Our fourth volunteer is a friend’s son who has a degree in film production. He is volunteering his time to join us and film some of our activities. We are really excited to have him join us and produce a short documentary of not only the work of Tumaini Volunteers but of the great need in Kenya.

I know that I have shared many of the stories of our nonprofit organization and our experiences in Kenya. I have probably hinted at our need for funds and have also reminded you that we are tax exempt. I don’t think that I have blatantly asked for donations, but sometimes I need to throw subtlety out the window.

It is going to cost approximately $4000 to complete the chicken project we have planned. That cost includes $1000 for an incubator, $2000 for a generator, $500 for expanding the current chicken coop and buildings, and $500 additional start-up costs. The cost for our volunteers to make this trip, including airfare, room, board and transportation while in country will be about $2000 each. We have offered to pay the expenses of our videographer and hope to pay for the costs of our team leader. That means we need a total of $8000 in the bank within the next few months. Our current balance is just over $3000. We have a ways to go, but I am confident we can do it.

As already mentioned we are a tax-exempt charity, so any donations you make will be tax-deductible. Why don’t you make that tax-deductible donation today and claim it on your 2015 taxes. Make your check out to Tumaini Volunteers and mail it to PO Box 726, Wausau, WI  54402. Or make a donation via our website at tumainivolunteers.org.

If you make a $20 donation before the end of the year, I will send you an 8 x 10 print of any one of the following pictures of the gorgeous cats. Specify which one you want when you make your donation.  
Thanks for all your support.
Adorable cheetah cub 
Lion and wildebeests 
Simba chillin'

Help us bring hope to East Africa.

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Would just love to HUG them all.