Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of Another Year

Here it is another New Year’s Eve and though I always hate being conventional, I guess I still should reflect on this past year.

The word that I chose last January to be my “word of the year” was anticipation. Because I had so much to anticipate in 2015. The Eagles tribute band concert, the nephew’s wedding in Dallas, an overnight trip to Lake Superior just to unwind, the daughter’s wedding in August, the cousin’s wedding in September and my third trip to Kenya in October. And wrote and organized the children’s Christmas program at church. Yes, it was a full-year. Lots of travel, lots of memories made, pictures taken. Oh, yes, and a new camera bought.  

Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it, some of those things already seem to have happened eons ago instead of only months. Sometimes I remember childhood events as well as I do what happened last summer. (I think that may be a sign of Alzheimers. Yikes.) Good thing I have those pictures.

Don’t tell my mom this, but maybe I do indeed do too much. She’s always telling me that I am so busy and that I need to take time for myself. Which I don’t get, coz with all the things I do, the only thing that isn’t for me is the day job (which I guess is for me if I want to contribute to paying the bills). I enjoy all the things I do and don’t know what else I would do. Watch TV? Seriously? I rather put in more hours at the day job than watch an evening of TV.

That would be all I know for sure at this point. I’m not going to take up television-viewing in the New Year. So what will it be? What will I do new and different in 2016? What adventures will I have? What travels will I take? What stories will I write? What lives will I touch or what lives will touch mine?

And what will my “word of the year” be? Stay tuned. The New Year is right around the corner. 
Happy New Year from the hubby and me 


Denise said...

I feel like such a slug, LOL.
I will admit, I do watch a tad to much TV, but am always doing something when it is on, maybe the work I get done, over rides the watching!!!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

If any of you have met Denise, she is about as far from a slug as anyone I know. I can't keep up with her.