Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tip of an iceberg

Once again I need to apologize for neglecting this blog. I keep thinking, next week things will settle down. Yet this week I am once again buried in busyness. I forgot that following my CMA conference in April, as the keeper of the email accounts for the organization, I have to update the 30 accounts we have for our chairmen and officers. In addition, they added three more committees this year, which all need to have accounts set up from scratch. I kind of like doing it, but it is so time-consuming.

And there are no fun stories or pictures to be found in that task.

So, once again here are a series of pictures from our trip to Illinois a month ago. Was that really a month ago already? Believe it or not, I still have not weeded through the nearly thousand pictures which I took. Ah, the bane of digital photography.

These are all of one of my favorite subjects. Cemeteries. I probably took 50 pictures at the half dozen or so cemeteries we visited. I always think that is rather maudlin, yet so fascinating.  

Remember, this is just the tip of my graveyard iceberg. 

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