Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And here's the rest of the story

Christmas 2010

If you follow my writing blog or follow me on Facebook, you probably already saw most of the pictures in this post, but I wanted to share the rest of the story.

For starters, for many years I wore this sweater vest at Christmas, thinking that it was kind of cute. I had an epiphany shortly before the holidays this year and realized that this could qualify as an ugly sweater. Time to upgrade my wardrobe. 

However, the Hubby and I were invited to a party this year, where we were asked to wear our ugly sweaters. I thought about resurrecting my standard sweater vest and leaving the Hubby on his own, but then I had an idea. One I came up with on my own, by the way, without consulting Pinterest.

We found the sweaters at St Vinnie’s. If you haven’t been to one of the thrift stores run by St Vincent De Paul, I suggest you go find one. My plain red turtleneck was $3. Hubby’s was marked at $4, but was 50% off clearance. 
 This was what I hoped to put on them. Most of which were items laying around the house. The little round ornaments on the tree and the grey buttons on the snowman are recycled from the clinic I work at. They are the tops off of vials of injectables. What can I say? There were a lot worse things I could have slipped home in the pockets of my scrub pants.    
 I’ve been planning these sweaters in my head for a couple weeks, but couldn’t start work on them until we had purchased the blank canvases, which was Wednesday. I spent Friday gathering supplies. 

 Then when Hubby got home from work, we had to model them with the tree and snowman pinned on. I worked Saturday morning, so didn’t start sewing until Saturday afternoon, forgetting that I also needed to put together a dish to pass at the party. But that’s how I roll.
 Didn’t get the snowman’s hat on in time. 
But took care of it Sunday morning, before I packed away the sweaters until next year. 
 Don’t you just want to invite us to your party?

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