Friday, March 24, 2017

What do these pictures have in common?

It’s time to dredge up some horrible pictures from my past. There are many more floating around my house and someday I’ll share them as well.

First up is one of those warm late summer days when we made homemade root beer with Dad. Not the best picture of Dad, but at least his back is to us. The little one is my niece Paula. She had to wonder what in the world we were doing. And my sister Pat was being her typical goof-ball self. 
 Here we are demonstrating our sheer grace and talent. Every winter, Dad would flood the garden so we could have our own small ice skating rink. I would be the one wearing the vintage snowmobile suit with my arms in the air.
 And here’s a demonstration of Pat’s horsemanship skills, aboard our cousin’s horse Shawn. Need I point out my groovy knee-high socks. 
 Your last chuckle for the day. Ready for my seventh-grade Christmas choir concert. Mom, of course, whipped up this dress during the week before. And for those of you who continue to comment that my hair is currently getting so long and you’ve never seen me in long hair before, now you know why. 
Looking at these photos, I seem to have had a penchant for the color red. (Made you look back at the pictures, didn't I?) 


Beth Camp said...

Love these photos of days gone by. I think you look great in red!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Thanks, Beth. I always thought blue was my color, but these pictures say otherwise.