Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey, it's me again. Mom is so stressed out over her lap top not working that she just really is in no state of mind to write her blog tonight. She is so busy trying to save her lap top, that I jumped on the desk top and she hardly even noticed. I just really don't like the desk chair on wheels. It is hard enough to prop myself up on my haunches without the chair rolling away from the desk.
That is nothing compared to what Mom is doing on the lap top. She has to hold just exactly so or the screen goes blank. She has more stuff on it than she thought and she is trying to get it all on a jump drive, but like, if she breaths the screen goes out on her. I know how much her blog means to her though, so I am glad I can help her out by at least writing something. The best part is putting my picture on her blog. This is my "I loved going on vacation, but I am so happy to go home" picture.
Wow, how come the first part is suddenly different. Dumb puppy paws!
I think Mom wants to get back on the desk top, to check and see if everything she saved on the lap top will read on the desk top. She is so weird. Dad wanted to buy her a new one yesterday, but she wanted to shop around. I think that this is all teaching her patience. She needs to learn alot more patience. She needs to learn that God will take care of her, and her writing, and her computers, but she just has to trust Him.
It's so much easier being the wonder dog. My only job is waking Mom up in the morning. That and being massively adorable. It's so easy for me to be a success. I wish it was easy for Mom.

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