Sunday, August 29, 2010

I came home from the Green Lake Christian Writer's Conference totally inspired to write, write, write. Hmm? Hasn't happened yet this weekend. My lap top is continuing to have issues. In fact, we went to Wausau today, and my husband said, "we are going to buy you a new lap top today. You are making me crazy." It's not like buying a loaf of bread. For him perhaps it is since he bought Bimbo brand bread last week. I am not kidding. I should take a picture of it for next time.
Anyway, so I am just making up excuses now. I promise to get back on track tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy more pictures from the Conference Center.
Mysterious stairs in the woods
The beautiful rose garden, just outside my window in the building in the background
I sprang out of bed at 5:50 one morning and went down to the lake to watch the sunrise. Well worth it - I should have gone down there every morning. The weather was perfect the entire week. It was tough picking just one picture of the sunrise though - I took a ton.

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