Thursday, September 9, 2010

"The Last Boring Blog"

I hate to bore you anymore than I already have, but here it is - boring - once again. I have a couple thoughts in my head and wanted to throw them out there. And hopefully, tomorrow will start writing blogs that can hold your interest.

First of all, I am going to try a new blogging schedule. I am taking Wednesdays and Saturdays off. I know, like I have a life or something? But I have quite a few Saturdays filled for the next two months. And Wednesdays? I just want to take another day off.

On the other weekdays, I’m not sure. I would like to keep going with the vacation theme. Coz even though I am done with the family camping trip, my German wanderlust has never left me and I have all kinds of travel tales yet to tell. But we will see how it goes. I just plain have lots of stories to share.

On Sundays, with a little inspiration from above, I hope to write a devotion. Maybe a Bible passage that grabs me or something I heard from David Jeremiah or another TV pastor. A dear woman in town, Helen Hoover, sends everyone on her e-mail list a devotion every morning. Some of them are pretty darn good, so I might have to impart a few.

My next thought for tonight. The public library. Sometimes I live in such a shell. You know? We just kind of do things the same way for years and never even think to get out of the box. The other day a woman at work was telling me that she orders books on-line from the library. If they don’t have them at our library, they send them from another library and e-mail you when it comes in to your town.

Why am I so naiive? I’d never heard of that. So, I had to try it last night, and my book already came in today from Rhinelander. I am so psyched. Like I’ll ever read the 16 books I had to buy and they are all just sitting there, staring at me.

I also need to come up with a tag line. A phrase to either open or close my blog with. Like, “it’s choo time” or “happy trails” or I don’t know. I need to think about that.

Until tomorrow - blah - see I should say something short but profound. Don’t you think?
Ok, do you know what this is? And Val can't tell anyone.
Bonus points for guessing where this photo was taken. Again, you can not ask Val.


shelley said...

Well I think it was taken in Kenya. Maybe a easy botton!!! Something to do with milking cows or goats?

Chris Loehmer said...

nope, nope and nope. Sorry, but it does look like an easy button, doesn't it?