Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Bay, again

I sure can’t say that the family vacation of 2002 was anything spectacular. It was a difficult year for us so we didn’t stray far from home. Green Bay, less than two hundred miles away, is usually a safe bet. My husband Himey knows the city pretty well, and who in Wisconsin doesn’t want to go to Title Town?

We watched Packer training camp for a few hours the morning after we arrived. Himey even got to have a little discussion with Tom Barrett, who wasn’t yet so well-known as he would be years later. It was a warm morning, though, so we didn’t stay much longer after the sun came up over the Don Hutson Center. We left for the train museum.

I was there with the kids way back in 1994, so I won’t belabor the visit. (But you can go to 2010/10/green-bay-in-1994-summer-after-my.html). If,however, you are ever in Green Bay without anything else to do, visit the National Railroad Museum. And take the train ride around the grounds.

We got back to our hotel by late afternoon, and the housekeeper had not yet been there. Having worked that job at the Marriot Hotel in Denver, it would take a lot for me to criticize anyone in that occupation. All I ask is that you empty the garbage and make sure we have enough clean towels. I can certainly make my own bed and what else needs to be done when I am only going to be there two nights?

And by then, I wasn’t the only crabby one in the family. Delivery pizza for supper did help somewhat.

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