Friday, February 25, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Wow! I cannot believe that Monday it will be an entire year since I started this blog. I would love to have a giveway, and offer all my faithful followers a chance to win a fantastic prize. But since I haven't gotten any books published yet . . . well, I suppose I could come up with something. Maybe a weekend stay at my house (so my husband and I can get away), and the real bonus is that you would have the privilege of being Dino's slave for the weekend. You know that he needs to lay across your lap when you watch TV and sleep on your feet in your bed at night. He is only maybe 60 pounds - just a puppy. He also gets up at six am, seven days a week, but he is usually willing to go to bed by nine.

The other thing that I am thinking about is changing the look of my blog. I don't know, make it more sazzy. What do you think? More or less pictures? Do you want other stuff to read about on the sidelines?

I have even had a crazy idea to start a second blog. The original one would stick with the story of my past and the new one could be about my future - that book that I will actually get published one day and how I plan to achieve that. Or do you think that I already have enough to do?

So please let me know your thoughts. And please post your thoughts here and not on Facebook. I get so depressed when I never have any comments on my blog. But still, thank you so much for reading along. I know I get boring at times, but I just go where life leads.

And I'll keep working on something to give away. In the meantime, here is a video that I managed to download. (Yet another thing I wanted to try.)

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