Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy can be in any country

On Wednesday, Angelina and I volunteered at the medical clinic in Ayacucho. She had been there already a couple months and knew the language, so she was actually productive. I watched a few exams and helped weigh and measure a few babies.

At the appointed time, we went out near the front gate of the clinic to wait for the van from Cross Cultural Solutions to pick us up. An elderly woman approached us. She seemed lost and confused. Angelina directed her to the registration desk and assured her that they would help. The woman went inside for a minute but then came right back to where we were sitting. For some reason, she seemed to have adopted us.

The van from CCS came about that time to pick us up. We greeted the driver and started to get in. The old lady went ballistic. She started yelling at the driver, that he was kidnapping us, and tried pulling us out of the van. We tried our best to communicate that everything was ok, that this was our ride, that we knew the man. But she just kept hitting the van and trying to hit the driver through his open window. Finally we just yanked the door shut behind us and told the driver to floor it.

I felt so sorry for the old woman; she was so upset. The poor little thing. I think I have a patient or two just like that at the clinic where I work back home.

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