Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes from the roof

The house we stayed in while I was volunteering in Ayacucho had a wonderful rooftop patio. I spent a lot of time up there, either visiting with the other volunteers or writing or just enjoying the southern hemisphere fall weather. I could never get a sense of direction though; the sun being to my north just threw me way off. The views, if I looked straight out were fantastic. If I looked down, though, not so good.

View from the roof top terrace facing in one direction
View from the roof facing in another direction
View out the living room window, zoomed in on the guinea pig farm on the neighbor's roof

In Peru, they call it Cuy (pronounced kwee). Some of the other volunteers I was with just called it, "no way am I eating that." I guess having lived in the Northwoods my whole life, I have eaten enough wild game that a little guinea pig wasn't going to faze me. One of the gals I was with thought it tasted "gamey". Obviously she has never eaten bear meat or turtle. I thought the guinea pig tasted like – well, not quite like chicken, maybe partridge.