Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you hoard?

I know that Easter is long past (or was it really only just over a week ago?), but I was talking to someone on Facebook last night which conjured up a story.

Did everyone else, when you were a kid, get a chocolate rabbit in your Easter basket? I would gobble mine down within minutes. No savoring the ears or dwelling on the paws or saving the tail. Nope, my Easter rabbit was devoured as quickly as I could chew.

My sister, Pat, on the other hand, would still have her chocolate bunny Memorial Day weekend. She would nibble a paw one day and a half an ear the next, all the while gloating, because she still had hers and I didn’t. She did the same thing with our Halloween candy, hoarding hers until Christmas.

But, not to worry. I was the baby in the family and if I whined to Mom enough, she would either make Pat share her chocolate or she would just get me more of my own. What a horrible kid I was! How did I ever turn out to be the semi-caring adult that I am? And better yet, how did Pat ever let me become her friend? It's all a mystery.

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