Sunday, April 22, 2012

In what do you trust?

This I declare about the Lord:

He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;

he is my God, and I trust him.

For he will rescue you from every trap

and protect you from deadly disease. Psalm 91:2-3 New Living Translation

At 1,149 feet, the Stratosphere in Las Vegas is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. At the top, there are various thrill rides, sure to induce terror and nausea for those foolish enough to spend the money. One of the rides is call SkyJump, a controlled free fall, which is advertised as the only sky jump in North America and the highest in the world. They basically put you in a jumpsuit, attach multiple cables to you and ask you to jump off a platform 108 stories high. And you pay for this!

When my husband and I were in Las Vegas last month, we witnessed a young woman participate in this activity. The crowd standing along the railing watching her was as afraid as she was. Most of us were screaming encouragement at the same time as our stomachs were doing flip-flops. After several minutes and further instructions from the guy on ledge managing her guide wires, she finally jumped. A collective intake of breath ensued from us witnesses and then she was gone. I don’t know that I would ever have that much faith in a roll of cable.

Lucky for me I don’t have to trust in a roll of cable or any other manmade device. I put my trust in the Lord. Not only will He be there keeping me safe and secure no matter what life throws at me, I am pretty sure He will never push me off the top of a thousand foot building. And I know for certain, that if I fell on my own, He would catch me.

(That spike out there on the railing scared me as much as anything. Yikes.)

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Holly Michael said...

What joy to fall into His arms, always!